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Through coaching I partner with people and organizations on their journey to maturity and efficiency. This implies going together on the path of self-discovery, facing the challenges ahead with an open mind and an open heart, exploring new territories both inner and outer, in short, breaking the limits of the comfort zone to fulfill your potential. In this way we grow together and everything experienced and learned in this partnership can be used successfully in all interactions to produce desired results.



Based on systemic thinking and executive paradoxes, business coaching is the best choice to unleash potential and get fast results on executive, team and organizational levels.


In a space of trust and attentive presence, you will connect to your true self and access inner resources to get new perspectives on both your personal and professional issues.


When more minds like yours gather together to grow both inner and outer, a field of higher consciousness is created and new insights emerge along with practical solutions to every situation.


Courses on communication skills, general management, delegation, stress handling and many more, offer you a place of learning and growing through experience.

About me

Maria-Magdalena Blidarus is my name and I have practiced professional coaching since 2007, when I enrolled in Metasysteme-Coaching Fundamentals. There I discovered my calling to work with people on a deeper level, to accompany them on the road to maturity and find the ways to live a more fulfilling life. My professional experience started with software development - my childhood passion, continued with team management and organizational development and now with coaching. I had the privilege to know and experience different professional environments, both local and international.

In coaching, I'm using a light and relaxed coaching style, based on a systemic vision in order to create the space for clarity and new insights to emerge. My clients efficient results are obtained exactly by respecting these fundamental principles of coaching. Among my expertise fields are: individual coaching - both on business and personal issues, team coaching and group learning. Among my clients are normal people, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs working in the following sectors: IT, education, banking, pharmacy, legal, energy, distribution, located in Romania, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Belgium and Spain.

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I trust and recommend


Ioana Marinescu

In coaching, Ioana brings her professional experience in the field of purchasing, product and category management, marketing and general management. She has worked with teams on operational and strategic levels, both in times of crisis and of growth and fast change.

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Alain Cardon

With his personal style for executive coaching, life coaching, team coaching and organizational coaching clients, Alain has developed a direct, confronting and empowering coaching approach which may be defined as a blend of brief, systemic, creative, and breakthrough posture and techniques.

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Casandra Bischoff

Casandra is a passionate coach, working with individuals and teams who want to boost their performance while maintaining balance & fulfillment in their lives.

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Alexandra Iliescu

Through coaching, Alexandra is enabling individual leaders and team members to attain the most resourceful level of being and doing- to EVOLVE in business and in life.

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