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I believe that love and compassion are critical factors for companies and their future growth and sustainability.

14 years ago, I was working in a fast growing IT company, leading a high performance team, achieving great results but I felt there was something important missing. At that point I realised that the working relationships were technically productive but not nurturing us as human beings. This insight gave me the understanding that workplaces need to be designed differently - focusing both on human happiness and financial growth.

Since then, I coach people and organizations on building healthy relationships, creating an environment based on trust and psychological safety to increase effectiveness, on finding meaning both in their work and personal lives.

Now is the moment

to discover your unique contribution to the world and
trust that you can overcome any dead-block that you may find on the way.


where I can coach you as an individual, couple or team


Are you asking yourself - If love is so beautiful and promising why it's so difficult to have happy and fulfilled relationships? What are the skills and tools that can transform our relationships? How can I be more open and receive the love I deserve?

meaningful work

How do I find the courage to act upon my heart's desire? How can I be more in contact with my inner strength? How do I create a culture of collaboration and flexibility while consolidating a solid structure in my organization?

Spiritual journey

Do you have a feeling that there is something more to life? Or did you lost the meaning of it and nothing can impress you anymore? Maybe you just want to live a life of beauty, clarity and wisdom? The journey can start anytime and anywhere.

What to expect

Choosing a coach is a delicate matter.
here are my 4 pillars I live by.


Is attention to senses, thoughts, feelings, especially to our breath and everything that surrounds us. Perceiving without judgment, being open to whatever it is in the present moment. This is the awareness that will change the quality of life. This is the place where love have space and growth can happen.


Technologically we are connected more than ever before. But how connected are we with our hearts? Do we have the courage to peel away the layers of defenses and identifications that we have taken to be ourselves and learn to trust and connect from a deeper level?


The first realization towards understanding is to understand that you don’t understand, to see with deep humility that you have been worshiping the wrong master - your rational mind. Understanding comes from a deeper knowing and experience, it's not an intellectual construct.

Action oriented

Every realization, any glimpse you have of your true nature and every genius idea that you imagine will soon pass if you don't act on it, if you don't actualize it and make it a practice, integrating it in your daily life.

facts about my work

"Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so." Galileo Galilei


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how we make it happen

one-on-one coaching

In a space of trust and attentive presence, you will connect to your true self and access inner resources to get new perspectives on both your personal and professional issues.


Based on systemic thinking and executive paradoxes, business coaching is the best choice to unleash potential and get fast results on team and organizational levels.

group learning facilitation

Customized workshops on communication skills, general management, delegation, stress handling and many more, offer you a place of learning and growing through experience.


When more hearts like yours gather together in order to grow, a field of higher consciousness is created and new insights emerge along with practical solutions to every situation.

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My Mission

Through coaching I partner with people and organizations on their journey to maturity and efficiency. This implies going together on the path of self-discovery, facing the challenges ahead with an open mind and an open heart, exploring new territories both inner and outer, in short, breaking the limits of the comfort zone to fulfill your potential. In this way we grow together and everything experienced and learned in this partnership can be used successfully in all interactions to produce desired results.

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