Some background information

My full name is Maria-Magdalena Blidarus and I am practicing professional coaching since 2007, when I enrolled in Metasysteme-Coaching Fundamentals. There I discovered my calling to work with people on a deeper level, to accompany them to connect with the human essence and find the ways to live a more fulfilling life. My professional experience started with software development - my childhood passion; continued with team management and organizational development and now with coaching. I had the privilege to know and experience different professional environments, both local and international.

In my work, I'm using a light and relaxed coaching style, based on a systemic vision in order to create the space for clarity and new insights to emerge. My clients efficient results are obtained exactly by respecting these fundamental principles of coaching. Among my expertise fields are: individual coaching - both on business and personal issues, team coaching and group learning. Among my clients are normal people, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs working in the following sectors: IT, education, banking, pharmacy, legal, energy, distribution, located in Romania, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Belgium and Spain.

my life story

My Mission

Through coaching I partner with people and organizations on their journey to maturity and efficiency. This implies going together on the path of self-discovery, facing the challenges ahead with an open mind and an open heart, exploring new territories both inner and outer, in short, breaking the limits of the comfort zone to fulfill your potential. In this way we grow together and everything experienced and learned in this partnership can be used successfully in all interactions to produce desired results.

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