one-on-one coaching

In a space of trust and attentive presence, you will connect to your true self, access your inner resources and get new perspectives on both your personal and professional issues.For example:
facing the challenges of a new job or a new position,
developing one specific skill
or improve the relationships with your team members, superiors and peers.
Or it could be more personal like changing a bad habit,
overcome the fear of public speaking,
or get the courage to start your business,
just to name a few.

face-to-face / online

Business Coaching: Executive, Team, Organizational

Systemic coaching focuses on process awareness, rather than content knowledge, accompanying executives, teams and organizations towards healthy growth by bringing clarity on the interfaces within the system. In this way leaders expand their vision in order to embrace new levels of complexity. Here are some of our clients requests:
We want to create a culture of collaboration and flexibility while consolidating a solid structure.
We have to increase the effectiveness of team meetings.
How can our people have the feeling of really being part of a team?
Align our people with company values and objectives, especially the new generation.

6-12 pers or entire company
2h, 1-2 days
Outside Office
ask for proposal

Group learning facilitation

Customized workshops offer you a place of learning and growing through experience.
Basic Communication Skills
Emotional Intelligence Enhancement
General Management
Solution Focus in Decison Making
Leadership Styles
Managing Across Generations
Team Development
Conflict Management

8-16 pers
2-4h, 1-2 days
beautiful location
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My Mission

I coach people and organizations on building healthy relationships, creating an environment based on trust and psychological safety to increase effectiveness, on finding meaning both in their work and personal lives.

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